Top Marijuana Misconceptions – The Different Strains

Top Marijuana Misconceptions – The Different Strains

One of the largest misconceptions about marijuana is that it is all the same. Marijuana is most often smoked or ingested, in a form called “hash.” But marijuana also comes in many other forms and even people who do not smoke marijuana still use it in some way. A variety of marijuana strains is also available.

Marijuana is a plant with multiple parent plants and many different “strains” of the plant. In general, there are three main kinds of marijuana: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Many people think that only the Sativa is the “real” marijuana. The fact is that it depends on which mother plants were sown and which were not.

There are different varieties of each, as well. The original variety of Sativa was bred in a California nursery. This is also why there are some distinct strains of the plant that are preferred by different people.

Sativa means “Satiety” and refers to a strain of marijuana that is very friendly toward other people. It is known to stimulate appetite and make a person feel good. It is generally easier to get high from this variety.

Sativa also helps the user stay relaxed and comfortable. It is considered to be milder than the other two. The disadvantages include an increased risk of lung cancer. Sativa is a favorite for beginners who wish to take it moderately.

Indica refers to a plant that produces a psychoactive chemical called THC. This is one of the major causes of the “high” that people experience. It is the indica’s effect that many consider “normal.” Some people enjoy being high from the effects of this variety of marijuana, as it relaxes them. These types of marijuana strains can also be high in THC, but the percentage of the plant that is THC is reduced.

The problems associated with indica strains include a “crash,” where the person has difficulty falling asleep, waking up, and staying awake. While these are some of the biggest problems associated with indica, they are also the most common for people to use. Some people believe that the high is relaxing, and they do not like having to be awake. Others feel like they have no idea what time it is. Either way, indica marijuana strains can cause accidents on the road and at home.

This is not to say that all indica strains are bad. Many of them are very useful in helping people who are not used to getting high. There are indica strains that are very good for certain medical conditions and they are also used recreationally.

Sativa is the most popular of the three and is the one most associated with the high. It is often referred to as the “bud,” and that is because it is the only plant that is harvested at harvest time. There are many different types of sativa marijuana strains.

Sativa is the one that is known to be high in THC. It is also the type of marijuana that is used most often, as the other two strains are not readily available. Sativa is a “nighttime” strain of marijuana and most users believe that they do not require any form of medication to get high. They find that the effects of sativa are long lasting and a very relaxing type of high. But the only downside is that the high is heavier than indica and often people need to take more to get the same effect.

Sativa is great for beginners because it is a low maintenance type of marijuana strain. It is low in THC and produces a more relaxed type of high than indica. Sativa is also easy to grow and can be found in just about any location. it is usually grown outdoors, unlike indica, which requires a lot of planning and preparation.

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