Would Cannabis Legalization Cause a Drug Problem?

Would Cannabis Legalization Cause a Drug Problem?

Cannabis legalization is no longer a new idea. The idea of legal marijuana has been around for quite some time. However, it was only with the last several years that its importance has come to the forefront of the debate.

Various people, including medical experts, have been in favor of legalizing cannabis. That is because the drug has been linked to certain health problems. In addition, it has also been said that the use of this drug is not that dangerous. Additionally, it is much safer than other drugs or even alcohol.

An interesting point, although controversial, is that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. It is also said that many marijuana users tend to be less violent than alcohol drinkers. Thus, most people believe that it is time to legalize cannabis.

However, there are still people who believe that legalizing cannabis would lead to a mass overdose of the drug. Many believe that after the drug becomes legalized, more addicts will enter the business. Thus, they also question whether the government should take control of this growing problem.

There are some in the media who still think that a drug war cannot be won, and they think that legalizing cannabis is not an appropriate idea. One of the major reasons why this drug war has not been won is that many people, especially the children, are still getting into drugs.

Unfortunately, the number of people getting addicted to drugs is so big that it is hard to say that it has been going down. Instead, many think that it has increased. In addition, even adults are starting to get hooked on drugs.

We live in a world where drugs are more available than ever before. In fact, almost all drugs are now sold on the internet. Thus, this is a direct reason why a big number of people who are already addicted to drugs are joining the ranks of criminals.

There are official government reports out there that show that there are probably more prison inmates who have a record for drug use. Therefore, you can see that the war on drugs has been lost because not enough people have been pushed to stop using drugs.

Furthermore, legalization of illegal drugs has been linked to the violent gangs that are present in many countries, especially in Latin America. It is very difficult to eliminate the drug gangs because, while some drug cartels have ended up dead, there are other ones that continue to rise up.

Still, there have been several official government report that shows that the use of illegal drugs is actually going down. Furthermore, there have been several surveys that have shown that it is easier for the users to obtain medical marijuana than it is for them to obtain the medication for cancer. As a result, the government of Canada, for example, legalized medical marijuana for some people.

So, while there is still a new crop of users, there is at least one which is clearly safer than the others. There is no denying that this would be a major help to those who were against cannabis legalization.

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